Countdown: Top 10 Reasons to Use NuCalm


#10 – Relatives

You can NuCalm your relatives (or yourself) and make things a WHOLE lot easier!   Stress is part of any holiday, but the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can be a bit crazy. But just think…

#9 – Sleep

Sleep is paramount to good health – NuCalm reduces stress and improves sleep quality. Research shows that sleep is one of the most important factors in your overall health…

#8 – Travel

NuCalm is a great tool for dealing with the stress and challenges of traveling.  Don’t leave home (or stay home) without it.   If you are traveling over the holidays –NuCalm is a great tool to…

#7 – Performance

Discover why professional and amateur athletes are using NuCalm… “You could just tell that these guys were just more relaxed and they would tell me that. We want our players to play ‘intense’ not ‘tense’ and NuCalm is…

#6 – Healing

Discover the reason patients on NuCalm heal faster with less pain and swelling… The healing process is a complex series of cellular events typically classified into three overlapping events:

# 5 – The Battle of the Bulge

How NuCalm helps you control weight gain. . . Cortisol, one of the hormones associated with chronic stress, can affect levels of ghrelin (the hunger signaling hormone) and leptin (the satiety signaling hormone).  When stressed, the body stores visceral fat, making it

#4 – Human Connection

When a person in under stress, they’re not open to new experiences or able to process information accurately. When they are comfortable and stress-free, they are cognitively and emotionally available and better able to connect with people.

#3 – Your Team

Your team members drive your practice every day. They are in the trenches – dealing with the challenges of patient finances, scheduling, insurance reimbursement, anxious patients, and stressed out co-workers. But they’re also in the trenches at home taking care of friends and family – cooking, cleaning, care-taking, and supporting others.

#2 – Friends and Family 

Everyone experiences stress – but when those who are closest to us are going through a rough period – it affects us… because we love them and don’t like to see them struggling. Whatever the source of the stress, one of the best things you can do for those you love is to…

#1 – Self Care

Managing self-care involves areas you can specifically improve such as sleep, exercise, diet, communication, relaxation, and play – but we don’t know of a more effective tool than NuCalm to provide deep relaxation on-demand and improve the nervous system’s resilience to stress. So give yourself some love this weekend – take your…